“I come down like a hurricane sucked up inside” - Brody Dalle

Now, imagine guitar strings that sound just like that.

We’re thrilled to introduce to you the Brody Dalle Dang-A-Langs™, signature guitar strings custom-made for the iconic guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter of The Distillers. Meticulously handcrafted for the perfect combination of tone, durability, and feel; the Brody Dalle Dang-A-Lang Guitar Strings are (literally) fit for a punk rock legend.

Every guitarist knows that the quality of your strings can make or break your performance. The right strings can transform your sound and give you the edge you need to take your music to the next level. Wound with care and precision, the Brody Dalle Dang-A-Lang strings are built to deliver a beastly tone and unmatched durability that can stand up to the most punishing playing conditions.


Brody’s Perfect Gauges

Brody carefully selected the gauges for her Dang-A-Lang Guitar Strings after years of touring. These gauges include .011(E), .014(A), .018(G), .028(D), .038(A), .048(E), ensuring a balance of playability and tone that suits a wide range of playing styles, from gritty guitar riffs and aggressive power chords to melodic, clean lead lines.

Handcrafted Perfection

At the heart of the Brody Dalle Dang-A-Lang Guitar Strings is meticulous craftsmanship. These strings are not churned out in a mass production factory or rushed to market; instead, each string is painstakingly handcrafted by Sheptone® on a U.S. workbench, one at a time. Known for their premium pickups and guitar and bass strings, Sheptone® carefully wraps nickel plated steel around a treated hex steel core, ensuring the quality and consistency required by even the most discerning of tone freaks (like Dalle herself). In other words, “I don’t want to sell crap to kids,” as Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein himself told YouTube interviewer Erin Micklow in 2022.



Unparalleled Durability and Freshness Guaranteed

One of the standout features of the Brody Dalle Dang-A-Lang Guitar Strings is their unbreakable nature. Von Frankenstein Monster Gear™ takes great pride in sourcing all materials within the United States. Not only are these strings tough, but they’re also guaranteed fresh out of the pack. Each string is individually sealed and labeled in its own anti-corrosion bag making these strings ideal for guitar players of all levels, from the beginner to the touring professional.

A Testament to Innovation

One of the minds behind these exceptional strings, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein of The Misfits, developed his string line to be “far superior to anything I’ve used before.” On the design process, Doyle says, “We went through many different alloys and configurations to find the perfect combination of crushing tone, strength, durability, and most of all…feel. The feel is so much better. For the first time ever, my hands are not cramping after a show.”


The Brody Dalle Dang-A-Lang Guitar Strings by Von Frankenstein Monster Gear are a game-changer for guitarists who want to express their raw, unapologetic spirit of punk rock in its highest form. With their handcrafted quality, unbeatable durability, and fantastic tone, these strings are set to transform the way you play and sound. Go ahead—unleash the hurricane.


Max Morgado

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Max

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