Brody Dalle Guitar Strings – Dang-A-Langs™ Signature Set 11-48
Brody Dalle Guitar Strings – Dang-A-Langs™ Signature Set 11-48


Brody Dalle Guitar Strings – Dang-A-Langs™ Signature Set 11-48

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“These strings are amazing! I love ‘em.” – Brody Dalle

  • “These strings feel and sound amazing.” - Michael Printz
  • “Excellent string quality in both sound and design.” – Kieran Jamieson
  • “These strings kick ass, they sound and feel great!” – Jean Howell
  • “Huge sounding and I must add, pretty damn smooth.”  - AP Ringer
  • “If you’re looking for strength, tone, and dexterity look no more. These strings feel great! Stay in tune, and the tone sings.” – Nathan Thompson
  • “Excellent tone and durability.” – Robbie Thompson
  • “Vibrant and crisp, they stay in tune and have just the right amount of give to them.” – Jared Lord
  • “These strings SCREAM! Excellent work, guys!” – Amit Sharma
  • “Beastly f- in strings! 100% hands down recommend and will buy again. Extremely high quality you will hear and feel a difference.” – Timm Clore
  • “They last longer. Have a better feel. An overall a better playing experience. Loved them so much that I gave my remaining &#$^@ $@!! strings away!” – Rafael Ascenso
  • The gauges are: .011(E), .014(B), .018(G), .028w(D), .038w(A), .048w(E)

“I come down like a hurricane sucked up inside,” Brody Dalle sings in “Hall of Mirrors.”

Now, imagine guitar strings that sound just like that.

We’re thrilled to introduce to you the Brody Dalle Dang-A-Langs™, signature guitar strings custom-made for the iconic guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter of The Distillers. Meticulously handcrafted for the perfect combination of tone, durability, and feel; the Brody Dalle Dang-A-Lang Guitar Strings are (literally) fit for a punk rock legend.

The Brody Dalle Dang-A-Lang Guitar Strings by Von Frankenstein Monster Gear are a game-changer for guitarists who want to express their raw, unapologetic spirit of punk rock in its highest form. With their handcrafted quality, unbeatable durability, and fantastic tone, these strings are set to transform the way you play and sound. Go ahead—unleash the hurricane.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

These strings are fantastic, great clarity and punch, with just enough weight and tension to handle how hard I hit my power chords, but still light enough for speed and bends.

If you play punk, ska or hard rock in standard tuning, would highly recommend.

John G (Austin, US)

I have no idea how they play. I haven’t put them on yet. I bought them because of Brody Dalle. I will use them eventually but all my guitars currently have new strings on them already.

I mean, it's Brody. You they're gonna be awesome. Keep us posted.

Tax Scandal (Hoffman, US)
Sound pretty spot on..

Very Punchy. Has the twang you're looking for, in the mix with the gain and distortion you've got going. Certain chords sound remarkably close to Brodys guitar sound. I got them on my Fender Tele with the two humbuckers, so thats probably why. I'm pretty darn happy.

And we are happier for this wonderful review. Thank you

Jesse H (Round Rock, US)
Plays well so far

This is usually the thickest set of strings I use on my guitars with most being lighter gauge. Takes a bit of work to really stretch them out compared to lighter gauge but once they're broken in, especially the lower end strings, but they stay in tune nicely and have a nice responsive sound. Definitely get a different feel from the guitar with this gauge vs lighter and works really well for fast rhythms without losing the individual attacks. It could also just be me but I feel like the sustain is a little better with these as well. Letting that open E5 or A5 ring will always be super satisfying!

Thank you so much. It's not just you, they do sustain longer.

Edward Macfeat (Brandon, US)
Love them!

I got the Brody Dalle set and being a fan of hers and her music for years I was not disappointed. These strings are as tough as she is and sound very crisp and clean. Definitely comparable to Ernie Ball Power slinky. I also got a couple of stickers and a pick which was a nice surprise! I will be a returning customer.

Love it. Thank you so much.