Guitar Strings Electric Light Gauge 9-42 Nickel Plated Set
Guitar Strings Electric Light Gauge 9-42 Nickel Plated Set


Guitar Strings Electric Light Gauge 9-42 Nickel Plated Set

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"These strings feel so much better than anything I have ever played before.  And they still don’t break! For the first time ever, my hands did not cramp after playing a whole show.”

- Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein

  • Handcrafted one at a time for the beastly tone and brutal durability
  • All materials are sourced within the USA for the absolute best quality
  • Wound at tensions and speeds specifically to build the best performing string ever
  • Guaranteed not to break
  • Guaranteed fresh out of the pack
  • Each string individually sealed and labeled in its own anti-corrosion bag
  • The gauges are: .009, .011, .016, .024w, .032w, .042w

Von Frankenstein guitar strings are made on a U.S. workbench using the best-available, domestically sourced, raw materials. Each string is made by hand, one at a time, with nickel-plated steel that’s carefully wrapped around a treated hex steel core. Through this meticulous process, Von Frankenstein avoids rushing and mass production, ensuring the quality, feel, and durability required by the most discerning of tone freaks. 

“These strings are far superior to anything I’ve used before. We went through many different alloys and configurations to find the perfect combination of crushing tone, strength, durability, and most of all…feel. The feel so much better. For the first time ever, my hands did not cramp after a show,” said Von Frankenstein.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Great Strings! I put these on my guitar and I was blown away by the tone I get. Will definitely be ordering more of these in the future.

Jim West

Excellent strings love them!

Thanks Jim

Max (Kitchener, CA)
Best string

Ordered up these strings for all my guitars. Have to say I’m very impressed. They feel better on my fingers and the sound is perfect. Since I like to hang out in drop D these bad boys give an extra bite and heavy growl. Love these strings and very happy with my purchase.

Thank you

Ian (Ellwood City, US)

Great set of strings. Bright and clear tone. I put them on a Telecaster with two P-90s and they're doing just fine.

Thank you

Rafael Ascenso (San Jose, US)
Best strings I’ve ever used

Been using ernie ball strings for most of my years of playing. Tried others but never liked how they felt so I would go back to the Ernie balls. This new strings that Doyle has out are far better. They last longer. Have a better feel. An overall a better playing experience. Loved them so much that I gave my remaining Ernie ball strings away an bought a bunch of packs for all my guitars.

Thank you